Crosstalk SIP User Portal

Crosstalk SIP User Portal

This article will provide an overview and walk-through of the Crosstalk SIP User Portal (CSUP).  

The URL to log into the CSUP is:

Your username will be emailed to you upon Crosstalk SIP sign-up, and you will have the opportunity to set your own password by clicking the link in the email.  If you did not receive, or do not have your CSUP username, contact us at and we will get that information for you.

Main Dashboard

This is the screen that you see when first logging into the CSUP.  It shows you information about inbound/outbound calling, DID's, e911, and number porting.  There is a tool bar across the top for other functions.


The DIDs tab shows you an overview of all of your DID's (aka phone numbers).  You can see each of your phone numbers as well as their capabilities such as CNAM, T38 (fax), e911, etc.

You can order and search for additional local and toll-free DID's by clicking the 'DID Search' link underneath 'My DIDs' or by clicking the 'Order DIDs' button in the bottom right-hand corner.

If you click the 'edit' button next to any of your DID's, you get a pop-up window that gives you many more options for each individual DID.

DID Edit --> CNAM

The CNAM tab allows you to enable or disable CNAM lookups for this DID.  This determines if you will receive caller ID information for incoming calls.  In most cases, you want this Enabled, however be aware that there is a small monthly charge per DID for this feature.

DID Edit --> Forward

The Forward tab allows you to forward ALL calls to this DID to a different phone number.  The forwarded phone number does not have to be a Crosstalk SIP number, however be aware that Crosstalk SIP charges will still apply for outbound calls to the forwarded number.  

To set the call forwarding, click the 'Enabled' radio button, and then add a 10 digit phone number to forward all calls to.  Finally, click 'Update' to save those changes.  Note that it can take up to 5 minutes for the forwarding to take effect.

DID Edit --> Failover

When you set up a failover number, any calls that are unable to get through to your DID will be forwarded to the number that you set as a failover.  So, for instance, if your Internet goes down and Crosstalk SIP trunking can't get to your PBX, we will then fail over to the set failover number.

DID Edit --> Fax to Email

The Crosstalk SIP Fax to Email feature is not yet available.

DID Edit --> Conference

Enabling the Conference service allows you to change your DID so that it functions as a conference room.  Click 'Enabled' and optionally add a PIN code that users have to enter when joining the conference in order to enable this feature.  When done, click 'Update' to save those changes.

*** Note that changing your DID into a Conference DID requires Crosstalk SIP approval which can take up to 1 business day.

DID Edit --> 911 Address

The 911 Address tab allows you to add or modify an e911 address for your DID.  This is incredibly important - if you do not have an e911 address set on a DID, and that DID is used to make a call to emergency services, there is a $275.00 charge.  Always be sure that your 911 Address information is up to date and accurate, and that your PBX is configured to use the correct 911 DID's when dialing outbound.

DID Edit --> 911 Alerts

If you would like to receive an email anytime 911 is dialed through one of your DID's, you can add an email to the 911 Alerts tab.  Enter the alert email address you wish to use, and then click 'Add Email.'

*** Note that setting 911 Alert emails requires Crosstalk SIP approval which can take up to 1 business day.

DID Edit --> 411 Listing

The 411 Listing tab allows you to populate your information in order to be listed in 411 information services.  Note that there is a $7.50 one time charge per DID that you want listed with 411.

Populate all pertinent information and click Update to save.

*** Note that adding 411 Listing information requires Crosstalk SIP approval which can take up to 1 business day.

DID Edit --> Caller ID

The Caller ID tab allows you to set up the outbound caller ID name for your DID.  Enter in the name you wish to use and click 'Update.'

*** Note that changing your Caller ID information requires Crosstalk SIP approval which can take up to 1 business day.

DID Edit --> Email to Fax

The Crosstalk SIP Email to Fax feature is not yet available.


The Billing tab is used for seeing your current outstanding balance, month to date usage charges, and allows you to pay your bill, make one-time payments, and modify your top-up settings.

Recurring Payments

To put a credit card on file for automatic monthly recurring payments, click 'Recurring Payments' in the 'Balances & Payment Options' section.

Fill in the credit card details, and click 'Update Billing Information.'

One Time Payment

To make a One Time Payment, click on the Billing tab and choose 'Make a One-Time Payment.'  

Select the amount you would like to pay, enter your credit card details, and then click 'Submit Payment' to submit the payment.


The 911 tab allows you to view and modify your phone numbers' E911 settings.  In the left hand column, you can see how many E911 DID's you have registered, show any 911 Alerts, and show your last 6 months of 911 call history.

*** NOTE:  Kari's Law compliance requires every registered endpoint to have an accurate and up-to-date E911 address.  If you would like to go over your PBX's E911 settings, please contact Crosstalk Solutions @

In the 'My 911 DIDs' section, you can see a list of all of your registered E911 addresses and their associated DID phone numbers.  If you would like to edit the 911 address for any of the listed DID's, click the 'edit' button next to the DID you wish to edit.

When you edit the E911 address and click 'Submit,' that address is sent to Crosstalk for approval, and we will approve any such requests right away.


The Usage tab shows you your recent call history.


The Porting tab shows the status of any open or completed number porting requests.

*** NOTE:  To initiate a new number porting request, please contact Crosstalk Solutions @


The Orders tab shows your recent order history - this includes such items as adding/removing DID's, services, and E911.


The 'Tickets' tab allows you to view and submit trouble tickets to Crosstalk SIP.  You can use this ticketing system, or you can email us at - either way, we will see your ticket and respond ASAP!

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