Switching to ClearlyIP Mirrors and Crosstalk PBX Branding

Switching to ClearlyIP Mirrors and Crosstalk PBX Branding

In order to user ClearlyIP / Crosstalk modules on FreePBX, you should switch to ClearlyIP's module repository (aka mirror server).  There two main benefits to doing this - first, you will avoid any 'unsigned module' errors in the FreePBX GUI.  Sangoma does not allow 3rd party vendors to sign modules for FreePBX, so any 3rd party modules installed will trigger this error.  By switching to ClearlyIP's mirror servers, you will receive all of the same Sangoma modules, along with the ClearlyIP modules (Devices module for Crosstalk phones, ClearlyIP trunking, Clearly Anywhere, etc.), but you will not get the 'unsigned module' errors any longer since ClearlyIP is the one doing the module signing.

Second, ClearlyIP puts additional emphasis on privacy by NOT collecting any identifiable information about your PBX.  For a full list of the stats that Sangoma collects on your PBX when you use the default mirrors, see this article:  Switching to ClearlyIP Mirrors for FreePBX

This article will show you how to switch to ClearlyIP's mirror servers, and will also show you how to brand your PBX as a Crosstalk PBX instead of a ClearlyIP or Sangoma PBX.

NOTE:  If you are looking to do both Crosstalk PBX branding AND switch to ClearlyIP's mirror servers, this can be done in a single step - skip to item #2 below.

1.  Switching to ClearlyIP's mirrors

These instructions work on FreePBX v13 and higher.

Open an SSH connection to your FreePBX server and log in as the 'root' user.  Run the command 'fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO' to check the current repository setting:

According to the default settings, the FreePBX repository is 'https://mirror.freepbx.org.'  This means we're currently using Sangoma's mirror server.

To change to ClearlyIP's mirror server, run the command:  fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO https://mirror.clearlyip.com

Done!  Now, let's run 'fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO' again to double-check that we have the correct repository set:

As you can see, we are now using ClearlyIP's module repository, and any 'unsigned module' errors with ClearlyIP modules will now go away.  If you do not yet have any ClearlyIP modules installed, you will also see a message on the dashboard indicating that new modules are available:

Skip down to step 3 to learn how to install these ClearlyIP modules.

NOTE:  If you don't see any new updates after switching mirrors, you may need to clear your update cache with the following command:
fwconsole setting MODULEADMIN_SKIP_CACHE true

Once you have run this command, try running your FreePBX updates a second time.

2.  Switching to Crosstalk PBX branding

If you would like to brand your PBX with the Crosstalk Solutions logo, log into your FreePBX via SSH as the 'root' user and run this command:  

This will install a new 'Crosstalk PBX' module and will also switch your server to the ClearlyIP mirror repository if you haven't done so already. 

Once the command is finished, reload FreePBX with:
fwconsole reload
You should now have Crosstalk PBX branding in FreePBX.

NOTE:  People who use Crosstalk branding on their PBX systems are generally considered smarter and better looking.

3.  Install ClearlyIP Modules

To install ClearlyIP's modules such as Clearly Devices for managing Crosstalk phones, go to Admin --> Module Admin, and then click 'Check Online.'  There should be multiple ClearlyIP modules (anything that has 'Clearly IP Inc' listed as in the 'Publisher' column) that are available to install:

Connectivty --> Trunking Module = for ClearlyIP SIP trunking
Reports --> Clearly Licensing = 
Settings --> Clearly Anywhere = for Clearly Anywhere softphone management
Settings --> Clearly Devices = for Crosstalk / ClearlyIP phone provisioning

Expand each of these items and choose 'Download and Install.'

Once you have done this for all of the ClearlyIP modules, you can then click 'Process' at the bottom of the screen to install these modules.  If there is an upgrade available for the 'Crosstalk PBX' module in step 2, then you can also upgrade that module as part of this process.

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